Wear products

The wearable R&D department of the company is committed to the research and development of production and test equipment for wearable products. Provide production and assembly equipment for smart watches and wireless headphones, and provide a complete set of electrical performance testing, functional testing, air tightness testing, and acoustic testing solutions.

Since its establishment, the Wearable R&D Department has cooperated with world-renowned companies to provide them with production test products and solutions. The team has many years of experience in the smart wearable product industry, and has formed its own technical characteristics and industrial advantages in terms of micro-high-precision mechanism design, software development, and test hardware system development.

Precision Fixture


Acoustic Test

Air Tightness Test



Acoustic test

The company is committed to the research and development of testing equipment for smart wearable products, testing equipment for electro-acoustic components and testing solutions. The company's acoustic research and development team has many years of research and development experience in acoustic technologies such as algorithms, artificial ears, artificial mouths, and free fields, and can provide users with complete acoustic test solutions. It can provide various acoustic index testing of acoustic products from components, modules to complete machines, including frequency testing, distortion testing, abnormal sound testing, and vibration testing, so as to improve the acoustic quality of the product.

Frequency Detection

Distortion Measurement

Abnormal Sound Detection

Vibration Detection



Automation equipment

The company has many years of experience in automation research and development, and has a group of experienced automation engineers. It can provide non-standard customized automation equipment and automated production lines for the assembly and testing of wearable products. It can provide customers with early-stage program evaluation, design, production, delivery, The whole process of after-sales intimate service.

Automated Assembly

Automated Test

Automated Inspection



Precision fixture

The company has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision fixtures for wearable products. It can provide customers with a one-stop service for the design and manufacture of high-precision test fixtures and high-precision complex curved surface assembly fixtures.

Test Fixture

Main Fixture

Complex Surface




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